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PostSubject: Application   Application Empty12/1/2010, 22:16

Are we supposed to fill out these applications? I suppose I'd better otherwise I'll feel like I'm not a real member of {TFF}, lol.

Name: Ryan McFalson

Past Experience: Well I've RP'd on {TFF} for quite a while. Y'all know me this is just formal to make me feel better lol.

Group wanted: Security. I generally (always in regular RPs) play CoS, but in Pathfinder and The Final Frontier I'm CE. I'm basically CSO of Time as well, but not officially.

Windows Live Messenger: None, I got ICQ. Number is 565757832. I also have Agent but I bet I'm the only one here who does. Very Happy

Location: USA, EST time zone.

Any other comments: Just that I'm sorry for making some trouble for this great group recently. I swear, I'll never do it again. All I ask is a chance to prove it.

I, McFalson, promise to obey to admins and the moderators and do as I am requested to do. I understand that any rule breaking can be severely punished to an extent, depending on the severity. And that the admins reserve the right to remove members from the server without question in very severe question.

As a side note, I also read the full {TFF} rules just recently.

Thanks folks, {TFF} forever!
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