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Info on Star Trek Online

The Game
When you buy it,you install it XD. Once installed, you play it, but you MUST play as a Federation character first, as you must be a Lieutenant grade 6 before you are allowed to be a Klingon, more info on grades later

When you enter the game screnn, you must start as a Federation Character. You are able to choose Human, Trill, Vulcan, Bolian or any other main races seen most of the time in the series. You are able to create your own species from the 'Alien' button, which you can customise yourself!

As a Federation character, your first mission is the tutorial, which you will complete before doing any other missions. When done, you arrive at Earth and head for the space dock and have a look around before getting your orders and customising your things before heading out. SULU IS IN THE ADMIRALS OFFICE!!!! He is another character, besides Admiral Quinn which you recieve mission from.

As a Klingon character, you immeditaly are sent to the great hall to look for the Warring Master B'Etoja, who challenges you to kill 4 computer characters in the room. Your crew is then chosen randomly before you do missions. You reciveve mission from certain people, who all give you a chance to face another player in a PvP battle.

You start at ensign 1. This means, your rank is ensign, at stage 1. there are 10 stages in each rank, 1-10, and by completing 1 stage, you move to the next one. If you complete the 10th stage, you move up to the next rank, ie. Lieutenant. Every time you advance a stage, a few more mission are unlocked, and every time you advance in rank, you unlock more things, like ships and abilities.

Bridge Crew
You get to choose your first officer in the tuorial as the Feds. Once done, you use that crewmember for the rest of your Fed career, unless you drop him XD. To obtain more crewmembers, go to the 'Personnel' section of the Earth spacedock and talk to the person that lets you recruit people Razz, or just win a mission and see if the reward is a crewmember. If you want to recruit an unknown species, you get to edit him/her as soon as you recruit him/her.

There are ways to customise your things. To customise your ship, go to the shipyard a Earth spacedock and talk to someone beeping a console.
To customise you and/or your bridge crew, go to the 'Club 47' section of the Earth dock and talk to the Cardassian.

Moving About the Map(s)
There are controls to the game (obv -.-). Everything will be stated in the opening Tutorial of the game (reason why its there XD).
There is a vast sector by sector map which systems are displayed. Press 'M' to go to it and select a system to go to. It will say do you want to go to there, or you can just double click straight away. If there is a system you cannot find on a sector, move to different sectors to find it. Some missions require you to go to other sectors more often. (Note: feds and klingons cant go into each others territory, believe me, ive tried XD)

General Controls and Selection Options
Well, this covers the basic control of the game. If you get near an object, a message will appear on the screen, saying whatever it is (eg. enter system Sol). Pressng 'F' will do this action. Ifyou choose not to do the object, just leave it. If there are multiple options, use the mouse to select the one you want. If left unattended, they will disappear and move to the side where you can click on them.

Buying and Selling Things
This is one of the most important things on the game, to obtain good items, you must either complete a mission which maybe hard, or buy it from a certain place. There are Cargo Ships and Ferengi ships wandering around the sector blocks you can trade with, but dont take too long, as they will leave eventually.
Certain Items can only be aquired at a certain rank. If you are a Lieutenant for example, and you buy an Admiral's item, you cant use it until you reach Admiral, which will be a LOOONG time. This goes for ALL objects, except objects that are provisions, which are useless except in missions.

Doing Missions
Missions are the things you need to progress in game. Your first mission is from the Admiral, and you can talk to a guy named 'Akira Sulu' (great-grandson of Hikaru Sulu). Certain people give certain missions. The Admiral will give specific system missions, Akira will give patrol and defence systems and another Admiral will give fleet actions where you join a load of players to defend something or attack. Another guy named 'Grall' gives exploration missions, which is a good break from fighting in the game. Exploration missions are all purpose, where random encounters are on.

Aquiring Ships
To aquire another ship besides Miranda, Centaur and Shi'Kar classes, you must rank up to at LEAST Lieutenant Commander. I know it will be frustrating, but you will have to put up with it, as it assists you in gaining items and skills along the way if you do it properly.

Skill Points
Skill points are one of the most important things. They allow you to improve a certain skill by however many points are available up to Nine. Aquiring these requires missions, and points are necessary to rank up. There are blocks where it imroves a skill, and the rest is for rank advancement. You can see how many skill points you will recieve from a mission by looking it up at the mission breifing.

Credits is basically money. You receive it by c ompleting missions, and you can buy things with them, like weapons. Careful though, spend money wisely, especially in the early part of your career, as spending too much will be costly later, as you can buy ships which cost like 150,000, you see my point....i hope

Other things
The Most important thing, is too have fun! I foyu cant do a mission, come back with a better more upgraded ship and do it then Razz
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