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Alex Ooiue
Alex Ooiue

Posts : 347
Join date : 2009-08-08
Age : 26
Location : The Timeship Relativity in the 29th Century

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PostSubject: Members of STO   Members of STO Empty24/1/2010, 11:13

Post here if your a member

updated template:-


STO Name:
Character Name(s):
Join Date: (Includes Beta tests)
Beta Test?:
Ship Names:


Name: Alex Ooiue
STO Name: Ooiue
Character Name(s): Ooiue, Melchob
Join Date: 24/01/10
Beta Test?: Yes
Ship Names Your Using: USS Carthage, IKS Orcnek
Notes: Yeah, like the fact i used ancient faction names XD lol, and im a klingon lol

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John Donoue
John Donoue

Posts : 442
Join date : 2009-08-09
Age : 25
Location : The Star ship Normandy NX-76594 (Frontier fleet yards, saturn, sol)

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PostSubject: Re: Members of STO   Members of STO Empty25/1/2010, 05:17

Name: Jonathan Donoue
STO Name:trekythorne
Character Name:Sekar
Join Date: 24/1/10
Beta Test?: yes
Ship Names You Want:USS Dauntless. USS Victory, USS Indefatigable
Notes:mwahahahahahaha this game is SOOOOO COOOL
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Members of STO
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