The Final Frontier
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 goodbye {TFF}

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Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral

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PostSubject: goodbye {TFF}   28/1/2010, 14:16

with recent events i am reamaining in {UFP} sorry about this its been a good run while it lasted
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John Donoue

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PostSubject: Re: goodbye {TFF}   28/1/2010, 14:56

TFF is sory to see you go, =/ Unfortunately this looks like the first of many. lets be honest we didnt get off to a good start
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Alex Ooiue

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PostSubject: Re: goodbye {TFF}   28/1/2010, 14:59

well, im not surpised johnson, sad to see you go Sad

but, i dont think many people will leave, if they do, we'll just have to look somewhere else Sad
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PostSubject: Re: goodbye {TFF}   

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goodbye {TFF}
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