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 U.S.S Indefatigable Simm Now active and ready to recive crew

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John Donoue
John Donoue

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PostSubject: U.S.S Indefatigable Simm Now active and ready to recive crew   6/2/2010, 20:21

Join up, if you like Writing star trek stories on a regular basis. The game works much like an RP, Instead of you all just posting a random story, The CO (me) Sets a Mission, Then The crew post mini stories showing what their character is doing in real time. For instance

if the Mission was to save a the SS Kobiyoshi Maru

The crew would Write Posts Following that story line
If you were the COS then your posts would be about Defending the ship or away missions.

I will explain more, Those who are experienced in PBEM's and Text based games, can help out

(note XO and 2nd officer are not playable positions yet, I will select an XO before the Simm starts,)

The Simm is Based on STO so i will be using STO screenshots ect to assist the game, see you aboard.
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U.S.S Indefatigable Simm Now active and ready to recive crew
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